The Bond On Yonge, a name that sounds comfortable! The Bond On Yonge A great community!

The Bond On Yonge is located in the quiet Richmond Hill Scenic Area, near the picturesque Lake Wilcox and Bond Lake, and many golf clubs. In the spring and autumn seasons, no matter how small the family is, they can stroll along the embankment, or go boating in the lake, or swing in the greenery. The home is also full of joy and happiness, and the Canadian dream is no longer far away!

Convenient transportation, within 10 minutes to reach the nearby Go train station, and the 400 and 404 highways, live in Richmond Hill, go to work to Down Town, experience the coolness of the working people!


The same 10-minute distance, you can go to large shopping malls, public and private schools, fitness and entertainment venues, Chinese and Western food culture, everything is absolutely the best time to board the Richmond Hill!


Unique stacked town house, suitable for investment and living!

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